Domain news Domain Sales Observation Report – Q2 2020’ opening statement in the report.

This domain sales observation report has been prepared by and is distributed for informational purposes only. No consideration has been given to any specific investment needs, objectives, or financial tolerances of its recipients. It is the property of

The views expressed herein are solely those of and are subject to change without notice. The report’s preparation involves potential compensation depending on a variety of factors, including, among other things, the quality of work and rm revenue.

The report primarily focuses on domain sales in the following categories: 1-4 Numbers, 1-3 Letters, 2Characters, and English dictionary one-word .com domains. The domain sales data is compiled from a variety of sources, primarily from domain auction platforms and other public domain media. We do our best to verify all data, however, there might be inconsistencies or errors beyond our control. The domain sales that transacted in the past but were later disclosed, whose dates are recorded as the public reporting dates.

Domain sale prices are rounded and quoted in USD. When other currencies are involved, the price conversion is based on the exchange rate at the time of sale. Please note that for some domain sales, the price has not been disclosed. The nationality of the domain buyers or sellers is based on publicly available WHOIS records and other website information.

NNNN .com Sales

A total of 31 NNNN .com sales completed in Q2 2020. 18 out of the 31 NNNN .com domains were sold to Chinese buyers, and 12 of the 18 were sold by Chinese sellers.

LLL .com Sales

A total of 23 LLL .com sales completed in Q2 2020. 2 out of the 23 domains were purchased by end-users, both end users are based in the UK. 2 out of the 23 LLL .com domains were traded within the Chinese market.

One-word English .com Sales
(Only included the domains that came with public reported top 25 highest sales prices)

A total of 101 one-word English .com domain sales completed in Q2 2020. 27 out of the 101 one-word English .com domains were purchased by end-users, and 20 of the 27 end-users are US-based. Total one-word English .com domain sales count surged to the highest level in ten quarters. 37 out of the 101 English words have the meaning of names, and 9 of the 37 domains were purchased by end-users.

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